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ember-cli 静态资源压缩

ember-cli 文档中的 assets compilation 一节中提到静态资源如 CSS/JS 等的混淆压缩,让我们在 Brocfile.js 文件中加如下代码:

minifyCSS: {
  enabled: false
minifyJS: {
  enabled: false


当然,我们可以看 ember-app.js 文件的代码注释:

  EmberApp is the main class Ember CLI uses to manage the Brocolli trees
  for your application. It is very tightly integrated with Brocolli and has
  an `toTree()` method you can use to get the entire tree for your application.

  Available init options:
    - es3Safe, defaults to `true`,
    - storeConfigInMeta, defaults to `true`,
    - autoRun, defaults to `true`,
    - outputPaths, defaults to `{}`,
    - minifyCSS, defaults to `{enabled: !!isProduction,options: { relativeTo: 'app/styles' }},
    - minifyJS, defaults to `{enabled: !!isProduction},
    - loader, defaults to this.bowerDirectory + '/loader.js/loader.js',
    - sourcemaps, defaults to `{}`,
    - trees, defaults to `{},`
    - jshintrc, defaults to `{},`
    - vendorFiles, defaults to `{}`

  @class EmberApp
  @param {Object} options Configuration options

打开 Brocfile.js 文件,默认有一行:

var app = new EmberApp();

我们给 new EmberApp 传递参数即可:

var app = new EmberApp({
  minifyCSS: {
    enabled: true
  minifyJS: {
    enabled: false
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